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New Business Item 2021-08-25

What is Impasse? 


From the President’s Desk – Episode 1


Below are the Tentative Agreements to be added to the Master Agreement between TABCO and BCPS. TABCO and BCPS disagree on two provisions of the Tentative Agreements: 1. The implementation of the 2% COLA and 2. The calculation of pay related to the extra 15 minutes added to the duty day. While TABCO and BCPS enter into further negotiations on these two provisions, BCPS has implemented a new salary scale with the additional pay for the 15 minutes. Anyone eligible for step movement will move 1 step and the 325 minutes of planning time will be implemented.

Once all provisions of the Tentative Agreements are agreed to, TABCO members will be sent an electronic ballot to officially ratify the Tentative Agreements.

TABCO TA_Art XXII_Duration of Agreement

TABCO TA_Art 10_Duty Day

TABCO_TA_Art 13.3.3_Planning Time


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