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Sick Leave Bank


  • The purpose of the TABCO Sick Leave Bank (TSLB) is to provide sick leave to contributors to the bank after the member’s accumulative sick leave has been exhausted – more specifically to provide such leave from the bank in cases of personal illnesses.
  • Sick Leave Bank benefits may not be used to postpone retirement.
  • Sick leave covered by the bank is for catastrophic illness, injury, pregnancy, or quarantine that makes an employee unable to perform the duties of his/her/their position. The bank may be used for maternity and maternity-related illnesses. The bank may not be used for illness or disabilities related to the contributor’s family.
  • To receive benefits a claim must be filed by the employee. To request a TSLB claim form send an email to [email protected] .
  • Claim forms are due by 4pm the Friday before the TSLB Committee Meeting. Late forms will be held for the next meeting. Incomplete forms will be returned to the claimant to complete.
  • Claim forms are reviewed by a three-member approval committee, consisting of members selected by the Association.
  • Benefit to members of TABCO vs. nonmembers: Should a second opinion medical review be necessary, TABCO may assume out-of-pocket expenses for Association members. Nonmembers will assume 100% of the costs.
  • One year maximum Sick Leave Bank benefit during career with BCPS.


Open Enrollment to join the TABCO Sick Leave Bank is available each year July 1 – September 30.

To join the TABCO Sick Leave Bank you must be in the TABCO bargaining unit and employed by BCPS for at least one full year by September 30 of the year you join.

Contact Ana Negrete-Garcia at [email protected] if you have questions about TSLB enrollment.


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