The Educator Application and Certification Hub (TEACH)  is now live!

Jun 30, 2022

The Educator Application and Certification Hub (TEACH)  is now live! 

All educators must register at

Email MSDE at [email protected] with any technical assistance with TEACH. 

 Growth Chart Reconciliation and Salary Lane Request Form

The Office of Certification is currently working to process renewals for MSDE certificates that expire June 30, 2022.  The new TEACH system was launched on April 28, 2022, which is in the middle of the renewal cycle for this group of educators.    The new system does not allow our office to initiate certification transactions on behalf of BCPS contracted educators. TEACH requires educators to submit a request for a MSDE certificate to be renewed, issued, add an endorsement, or name change.    We have emailed and requested teachers renewing within this current validity period to register and submit an application for renewal.


We are finding that teachers are either: 1) not followed instructions sent out by our office, 2) questioning why they need to complete the application at all, or 3)following instructions provided by TABCO which are not accurate for educators renewing their certificates this renewal cycle.


Additionally, the Certification team as well as representatives from MSDE continue to work through technical issues that must be resolved for the certificate renewal to be processed.
We are asking that teachers work with us to complete their certificate renewal in the TEACH system.  Below are some common technical issues with the appropriate resolution.

For the reason outlined above, renewals for certificates expiring June 30, 2022, will continue throughout the summer.  Teachers for whom we are working to resolve technical issues will not be negatively impacted.  Teachers in jeopardy of their contract terminating have been notified.


Printable version of this info: TEACH MD info

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