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Celebrating 40+ years of helping kids

KidCare was approved at an RA in 1980 and incorporated in 1981 as a fund to assist needy students enrolled in Baltimore County Schools. 100% of the money donated to KidCare goes to students and their families for needed items such as clothes, shoes, book bags, and coats. TABCO donates the administrative time to manage the fund. In addition to individual fund drives such as the one at the Recognition/Retirement Dinner, KidCare relies on payroll deduction from BCPS employees. We are asking everyone to take the time to complete the information needed for a constant payroll deduction donation to be made each pay period to KidCare. Our students need this assistance and they need your help. We are also asking those currently donating through payroll to make the decision to increase their payroll deduction. Since its inception, KidCare has helped an estimated 12,562 students and given out an estimated $635,000 to needy students. Currently we have approximately 100 BCPS employees contributing to KidCare through payroll deduction and we thank everyone who has contributed, but we need more. There is never a shortage of requests for assistance and we don’t want to turn down our most needy students. School counselors, Pupil Personnel workers and nurses should contact TABCO to request assistance for students.

So far this school year (2022-2023), $61,950 has been spent to help 908 students.  The annual KidCare Auction raised $8,092.32 in 2019.

If you want to help with KidCare, there are three ways to contribute to this worthy cause; through payroll deduction or make a lump sum donation, via mail by check or electronically.

For payroll deduction, simply click here to complete the KidCare Payroll Authorization form or call the TABCO office and we can send out a form to you.  Alternatively, make a lump sum donation here.   LUMP SUM

It’s easy, and it’s needed!  Thank you!




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