Children’s Rights

Promotes an awareness of children’s issues and building safety.

Chairperson: Megan Kirkbride (Timber Grove ES) – KidCare Walk & Read Across America, KidCare Auction
Staff: B. Anzelc, S.Strickland, L. Levee
BOD Liaison: N. Caple, A. Gaede

Bylaws/Operating Procedures

Reviews TABCO’s governing documents.

Chairperson: Christine Beard (Retired)
Staff: B. Anzelc, T. McDowell
BOD Liaison: S. Rich

Elections Board (Elected)

Conducts TABCO elections and recommends changes in election guidelines to Board of Directors and Representative Assembly.

Chairperson: Joan Mickiewicz, Feather Bed Lane ES
Staff: B. Anzelc, T. McDowell
BOD Liaison: vacancy

Government Relations

Works with MSEA and NEA to monitor legislation (local, state, federal) affecting education; reviews political candidates and coordinates endorsement interviews; and monitors the action of County Council.

Chairperson: Leslie Whiten, Rosedale Center
Staff: B. Forstenzer, K. Melfa
BOD Liaison: A. Gaede

Instruction and Professional Development

Coordinates Association activities in the area of instruction and professional development.

Chairperson: J. Hinton-Van-Hook (Chase ES)
Staff: S. Harte-Dmitriev, S.Strickland
BOD Liaison: F. Soda

Judicial Body (Elected)

Receives, reviews and responds to all alleged infractions of election procedures.

Chairperson: N/A
Staff: N/A
BOD Liaison: N/A

Member Benefits

Evaluates special services sponsored by TABCO (insurance, discounts, home mortgages, legal services, and other programs).

Chairpersons: L. Norrington, Patapsco HS, J. Wilkins, Sandy Plains ES
Staff: S. Odewole, S. Strickland
BOD Liaison: L. Norrington, J. Wilkins

Member Rights

Plans and carries out activities dealing with teacher rights and responsibilities.

Chairperson: A. Gaede, Winand ES
Staff: B. Forstenzer, J. Gerhardt
BOD Liaison: A. Gaede


Designs, organizes, and implements TABCO membership campaign.

Chairperson: John Redmond-Palmer (New Town ES)
Staff: S. Harte-Dmitriev, T. McDowell
BOD Liaison: S. Rich

Minority Affairs

Monitors and promotes better human relations within the working environment; monitors minority programs.

Chairperson: Vernon Fains, Pine Grove MS
Staff: D. Jones, S. Strickland
BOD Liaison: L. Norrington


Bargains salary, benefits, working conditions, and teacher rights and responsibilities.

Chairpersons: Mary Frantz, Cedarmere ES, Pat Holt, Dulaney HS, K. Olds, Landsdowne HS, Eileen Edwards, Dogwood ES, Leo Weems, Winfield ES
Staff: B. Anzelc, N. Eckart-Baning, J. Gerhardt
BOD Liaison: A. Beytin


Identifies and recognizes individuals and/or groups who have made outstanding contributions to education in Baltimore County.

Chairpersons: R. Russo, Middleborough ES, Michele Snell, Woodholme ES
Staff: B. Anzelc, S. Strickland
BOD Liaison: R. Russo


Reviews scholarship applications and makes recommendations.

Chairperson: Caryl Connor, Timonium ES
Staff: S. Odewole, J. Gerhardt
BOD Liaison: J. Wilkins

TABCO Budget

Develops the Association’s operating budget.

Chairperson: J. Wilkins, Sandy Plains ES
Staff: B. Anzelc, L. Levee
BOD Liaison: L. Norrington

TABCO Sick Leave Bank

Evaluates sick leave bank requests for validity; reviews procedures and regulations annually.

Chairpersons: Mary Conners, Retired, C. Greenhouse, Retired, K. Walasik, Dundalk HS
Staff: D. Jones, K. Melfa
BOD Liaison: A. Beytin

Special Education

Monitor special education issues.

Chairperson: vacant
Staff: D. Jones
BOD Liaison: vacant


Chairperson: Amber Gaede, Winand ES
Staff: B. Forstenzer, J. Gerhardt (part of member rights)
BOD Liaison: A. Gaede


Public Relations

Creates the Bulletin.

Chairperson: Angela Leitzer (retired) contact:
Staff:  S. Harte-Dmitriev
BOD Liaison:



Maintains connections between retired members and the Teachers Association.

Chairperson: Angela Leitzer (retired) contact:




*Elected by RA