Please join us for TABCO's Representative Assembly Training on August 21 at the Towson Sheraton. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.

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  • MSEA Celebrates Widespread Victories by Pro-Public Education Candidates
    Tuesday’s primary resulted in big wins for pro-public education champions up and down the ballot, and showed the impact of the endorsement of Maryland’s educators. […]
  • IPD Workshop
      Understand what high quality professional development means to your local association and your members. Choose two workshops that best support your interests and activism from the list below: IPD Committee: What it Is and Isn't - Organizing Around Instructional Issues How to Deal With a Workplace Bully What Can MSEA Do For You: A Sampling... SPARKS Ye […]

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  • These Are The Countries Where Kids Go To School For The Longest
    On average, kids in Australia can expect to spend up to 15 more years in school than kids in Niger. A new report from Cornell University, international business school INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization looks, in part, at global “school life expectancy,” that is to say,how many years students around the world can […]
  • Don’t Blame Teacher Tenure for Students’ Poor Performance
    The corporate reform movement’s anti-union, anti-tenure rhetoric misleads the public and unfairly tarnishes teachers’ reputations. Missing from such rhetoric is the well-documented influence of high poverty on student learning. Moreover, some corporate reformers seem more focused on making a profit at the expense of students and teachers. The longstanding ph […]