Tentative Agreement for SY22-23

Jul 13, 2022

Tentative Agreement

Update 7/25: The full text of the tentative agreement is now available. Detailed salary scales are now also available.

The following video is a recap of the All-Member Meeting from July 13, 2022, where certain features of the Tentative Agreement with BCPS were discussed.

Update 8/3: The following is a video of the second All-Member Meeting. (Captions are coming!)

Update 7/22: The following video is a more detailed discussion of the new salary scales. You can examine the map document referenced in the video.

Using this document, for 10-month employees only (even if paid over 12 months), you can begin with your current (numeric) step and determine your new (letter) step and salary, as called for in the Tentative Agreement.

TABCO New Schedule Walkthrough Landscape With Analysis

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